Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shutterbugs Win Awards

Five Shutterbugs attended the Georgia National Fair in Perry on Monday, October 12th: Harolyn Castleberry, Dianne Kelly, Joan Phillips, Brenda Fayard, and Johnnie Ann Gaskill. The Fair will be open through October 18th. For more information, please visit Photo by Valerie McFadden

According to Alan Thiese, Photography Chairman at the Georgia National Fair, 848 entries were received in the Beginner Division (672 color and 226 monochrome), 429 entries in the Advanced Division (282 color and 148 monochrome), and 194 in the Open (Professional) Division (117 color and 77 monochrome). Therefore, receiving a ribbon of any kind out of a field of that many excellent photos is indeed a HUGE honor. So, congratulations are certainly in order for the following Shutterbugs:

Anna Mary Ellerbee--one 4th and one 6th place ribbon
Bonny Shockley—four 6th place
Gordon Brown—one 3rd place
Harolyn Castleberry—two 1st place
Johnnie Gaskill—one 1st place
Marcia Edwards—one 3rd place
Marcia Fisher—one 2nd and one 5th
Marji Davis-Williams—one 3rd and one 4th
Melba Brown, one 2nd, one 3rd, and one 5th

Sherry Kunde received a 2nd place award for an image she entered into The Rock Ranch’s photography contest held on October 10th and Melba Brown received a 3rd place award.

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