Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shutterbugs Visit Noah’s Ark

On Saturday, March 17, 2012, eleven Shutterbugs plus 4 of their guests visited Noah’s Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center in Locust Grove. Members attending were: Allen Ellerbee, Anna Mary Ellerbee, Brenda Fayard, Carlotta VanHouten, Dianne Kelly, Francis Hauke, Glenda VanHouten, Johnnie Ann Gaskill, Marcia Fisher, Margie Lentini, and Mary Wagner.

A good time was had by the Shutterbugs, even though the double chain link fences surrounding some of the animals (bears, tigers, etc.) often prevented them from getting the images they wanted. However, they had good success in photographing buffaloes, turkeys, emus, ostriches, llamas, etc. in their pastures/pens, as well as animals strolling around: peacocks, ducks, and so forth.


Fawne DeRosia, former officer of Shutterbugs, has opened the “Fawne DeRosia Studio and Gallery,” located at 210 West Gordon Street (between TUAC and Specialties). The new business is open by appointment only. Contact Fawne at


Vol. 4, Issue 2 of Kitchen Drawer Magazine listed Brenda Fayard as one of the contributing photographers. (Her photos have appeared in past issues, as well.) That same issue announced that Fawne DeRosia’s photo “Mazzy and Dexter” won 2nd place in the “People with Pets” contest that the magazine hosted for a couple of weeks on Facebook.

What is Kitchen Drawer? According to their website, “Kitchen Drawer Online is a social network and community blog where everyday people, artists and businesses share modern day experiences as well as reminisce about the days past. At our core, we focus on history, culture and good livin' in the south….Our long-term goal is to create a centralized and local platform for Citizen Journalists, Historians, and Artists with a focus on “Preserving History; Promoting the Now”…The products of this effort will comprise our website, various publications (including a bi-monthly magazine), and social events….We are actively recruiting individuals to help in our cause. Bloggers, Photographers, Artists, Musicians, Poets, Programmers, Historians, Writers who want to contribute to our collective – reach out to us at, or call 770-412-0441, our stop by 120 E Taylor St, Griffin, GA.”