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King C Davis, like his father, Luther C Davis, was born and raised in Thomaston, GA.  Unlike his father, King is not an artist—which may help explain his interest in photography during childhood as a means of making up for that.  In his mid-teens a neighbor taught him basic shooting and darkroom skills, and King contributed to his school and local newspapers.  Following graduation from R E Lee, he taught photography there and continued to ‘develop’ his craft.

During the 1980’s and 90’s, photography was relegated to luke-warm status as King pursued his other main avocation, audio engineering.  But the new millennium brought many advantages in consumer photography through digital technology, and with that came a renewed interest in his first hobby.

Within a year or two of its founding, King joined the WCG Shutterbugs, and has served as vice-president, and chairman of nominations.  He has presented programs on various photography-related topics to the Shutterbugs and to numerous other groups.  For King, the most significant reality throughout his 45+ years of photography, is that God has and continues to place many kind and knowledgeable souls in his path, who provide not only guidance and opportunities, but gracious friendship and encouragement as well.

His web address is www.kingdavis.zenfolio.com.

Note: We do not post original full-size, high-quality photographs on this blog.  These photographs  are small, blog-quality reproductions to highlight the talented eye of our Photographer of the Month.

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