Saturday, March 1, 2014

Featured Photographer, Leah Jordan

March 2014

Vice President, Leah Jordan, our Featured Photographer this month, shares her story and some sample photographs.

Leah Jordan Photography was begun in late 2013 after I became a certified, professional photographer. I opened my business by giving 50% of my profits back to the church because I always wanted Christ to be at the center of my love for photography. He inspires me by His light and the surroundings He creates; I just use my camera to capture the beauty of His creations. Several years ago I almost lost my vision in my left eye due to a detached retina. I was almost completely blind in that eye and had to have multiple surgeries to correct my vision. There was a time when doctors were not sure whether I would ever be able to see out of that eye again, and I now truly appreciate my ability to see everything around me. That was a scary time when I couldn't see with both eyes, and that was when my perspective of my surroundings changed.

I actually began as a nature and landscape photographer, but I was gradually pulled to photographing people. Growing up, I was always the family photographer, and I think that is why I enjoy photographing other families so much. Therefore, I now specialize in family and newborn photography, and I use my spare time to photograph nature and animals.

Note: We can not post original full-size, high-quality photographs on this blog.  These photographs  are small, blog-quality reproductions to highlight the talented eye of our Photographer of the Month.

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