Saturday, February 1, 2014

Featured Photographer Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson, President of the WCG Shutterbugs, was our first Featured Photographer of the month during February 2014.

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February 2014

My name is Jim Davidson. I am an avid outdoors-man, and I love to camp and hike. To be able to capture an image that is frozen in time makes photography a hobby that is very rewarding.

I consider myself a photographer enthusiast.  I shoot mostly nature - all types of wildlife and landscapes - and enjoy Macro ( which  can bevery challenging).

Note: We can not post original full-size, high-quality photographs on this blog.  These photographs  are small, blog-quality reproductions to highlight the talented eye of our Photographer of the Month. 


king davis said...

Nice work, Jim! Missed you at the last meeting.

Johnnie said...

Beautiful images--and so diverse!