Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WCG Shutterbug Shootout

The West Central Georgia Shutterbugs held their first club-sponsored "Shootout" on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011. A total of 14 people participated. Ten were "shooters": Bonny Shockley, Dianne Kelly, Francis Hauke, Linda Godwin, Marcia Fisher, Margie Lentini, Mary Wagner, Melba Brown, Todd Albritton (and his daughter Ruby), and Yvette Tolson. Three were judges: Charles Dukes, Harolyn Castleberry, and Johnnie Ann Gaskill. A wonderful time was had by all. Attendees have already asked for another shootout to be held soon.
The group met at 8:30 to learn what the three categories were and then headed out to take pictures that fit those categories, pictures they could find within walking distance of TUAC, where the shootout was based. Everyone had to be back no later than 11:30 to upload their images to laptops and then begin the difficult task of choosing and editing one entry per category to submit to the judges. Once finished, they walked to nearby eateries for lunch while the judges chose the winning photos. When that was done, all the images were shown to the entire group so they could admire the work done and also make "gentle" suggestions as to what might have been done differently to make the image even better. Then these winners were announced and awarded ribbons:

Circles:1st--Melba Brown, 2nd--Linda Godwin, 3rd--Bonny Shockley, HM--Dianne Kelly
Patterns: 1st--Melba Brown, 2nd--Todd Albritton, 3rd--Mary Wagner, HM--Francis Hauke
Textures: 1st--Marcia Fisher, 2nd--Todd Albritton, 3rd--Francis Hauke, HM--Linda Godwin.
Congratulations to these winners--and to all the shooters--for their excellent work.

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