Wednesday, October 13, 2010


United Bank is preparing the 2011 calendar which should be available probably in November. Four WCG Shutterbugs will have photos featured in the new calendar! They are Alicia Pastiran, Bonny Shockley, Dianne Kelly and Melba Brown.

Carol Peck, Marcia Fisher, Bridget Bolcik and Dianne Kelly visited the Georgia National Fair today along with other friends. 15 pictures by Shutterbugs were noted as having won ribbons.

Advanced Action - 3rd - Marcia Fisher - You Had Better Duck
Advanced Creative - 5th - Alicia Pastiran - Bull Riders Dream
Advanced I Spy - Green - 3rd - Melba Brown - Tree Frog
Advanced Scenic - 6th - Alicia Pastiran - Lake Macdonald
Advanced Street Scenes - 4th - Marcia Fisher - Ritz Theatre, Thomaston

Beginner Action - 5th - Lora Watson - Splash Time
Beginner Action - 6th - Linda Godwin - Territorial Dispute
Beginner Animals - 6th - Linda Godwin - The Kiss
Beginner Creative - 1st - Lora Watson - Make My Brown Eyes Blue
Beginner I Spy - Green - 5th - Dianne Kelly - What's Up
Beginner Plant Life - 2nd - Lora Watson
Beginner Scenic - 1st - Lora Watson - On Mystic Lake
Beginner Scenic - 6th - Linda Godwin - Geometrics at Sunset
Beginner Still Life - 4th - Gordon Brown - Bike in Bienza
Beginner Street Scenes - 2nd - Dianne Kelly - Leaded Rust

Please, if I missed anyone, let me know and I will update this post! Congratulations everyone on a job well done!

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